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  • How do I manage to hand in my master work when I have to go to work?
  • How is the thesis defended?
  • Where to find a pattern for a master thesis?
  • Can You Find Some Downloadable Works Somewhere on the Internet?
  • How to avoid plagiarism accusations?
  • In what form do you state bibliographic data?
  • Where to have the professional text (including the thesis) bound and printed?
  • How is the thesis written in English?
  • What is the outline of the thesis?
  • How to order documents for master work?


The master thesis is a professional text of a longer range (min. 60 pages), whose successful elaboration and defense is one of the conditions for obtaining an academic degree. Its purpose is to prove whether the student has mastered the methods of independent scientific research and to what extent he / she is able to competently read and evaluate the conclusions of other researchers.

The thesis and its structure is similar to that of the bachelor thesis, but with the difference that the author’s own contribution should be substantially more extensive. The total requirements for professionalism are higher in the thesis than in the case of the aforementioned bachelor thesis or even a seminar paper. For a detailed description of the individual parts of the thesis.

But what remains the same as in these works is the principle of citation ethics. However, the master thesis automatically assumes that the student has no problems with this. On the other hand, this aspect should not be underestimated, since even a small inattention (inconsistent reference to the source of direct quote) can be considered as plagiarism. Valid citation standards can be found on our website, and if you want to make sure that your work does not contain the accepted parts and cannot be classified as plagiarism, insert it before submitting it to the anti-plagiarism system.


Among the most discussed and, in a certain sense, the most insidious part of the thesis are mainly the introduction, annotation (including key words) and conclusion. So let’s look at them one by one.

The introduction of the thesis serves, similarly to the bachelor thesis or seminar paper, to present the processed issues, personal motivation to elaborate the thesis, or to summarize the previous achieved results in the field of research in the selected area. Contrary to previous work, however, the introduction of the thesis should be more sophisticated and more scientific – it should not be a mere vague statement “I chose this topic because I was always interested”.

Annotation of the master thesis is a short text summarizing the thesis, its methodology and goals. Today it is common to submit an annotation in both English. Similarly, it is common to get annotations with a few key words (again in language versions), which aim to make it easier to find a job on the Internet or in the faculty database.

The conclusion of the thesis is a summary of the larger and partial results that the author has achieved in his work. It is a sort of brief discussion that may also indicate other possible directions for future research in the area.

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