How to Outline a College Paper

Thesis Writing: All You Need to Know About 

College is a perfect world for students looking for a convenient place where they can comfortably do their assignments. Different kinds of writing are mandatory, and you must have an excellent command on them. 

There is something different for anyone with a thesis. For instance, writing a research paper will be somewhat challenging if you lack in-depth information on the subject. On the other hand, writing a college paper will be easy if you have a thesis on your desk. You will find it easy to break the subject down into smaller sections that you can tackle.

So, it is vital to master all the genres because there is bound to be a research paper or even a term paper. It will give you a better grasp of your areas of expertise.

Apart from that, your research paper should follow a particular format. In all cases, the formatting goes a long way in determining the performance of a paper. Besides, it should follow a specific structure that will make your work reliable and coherent. Some of the various basic formats applied in a research paper include:


After the title, the abstract briefly describes the research problem. The reader gets the gist of the subject and the research question succinctly. The findings should be updated in the second part of your article. The summary should be written after you have typed the first paragraph to give the reader something to think about. Once you finish typing, you must begin in the first section of your article with the research question.


Be precise in giving the steps you will follow when gathering data and analyzing the results. For the research methodology, you should give an analytical approach that will yield relevant results. After the graphs and tables are compiled, the research methodology section should be put together in a way that enables the reader to replicate the process with the same results. Your method should be clear, straightforward, and detailed to enable other people to replicate the same results.


This part of the article presents the results obtained from the procedures you applied. Ensure that you cite all the sources. In case you are using table data, make sure to give information about the units used. Also, include the mean and standard deviation. Most universities provide tables for their research.


The source of your information should be clearly indicated in the references. Incorporate a reference section when available on the website, in the printed book, or by electronic means. All the sources should be arranged alphabetically in your work. Failing to follow the referenced order can lead to plagiarism, and your academic future. 


The appendix comprises of figures, tables, and an acknowledgment section. A good assignment has an appendix, and you need to master the nitty-gritty of including them. At the end of the paper, add the references under the title and place the citation in brackets. Write on an off-white or dark background to help the reader notice it easily.

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