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  • What is a case study?
  • Where to find a case study sample?
  • How does the case study pattern look like?
  • What to do with the case study?
  • What is the topic on which the case study can be developed?
  • What are the parts of the case study?
  • In which subjects is the case study usually developed?
  • What should be the correct case study?
  • What is the case study?
  • How to order documents for case studies at the server?

Case study

Case study is a medium-to-long-term scientific text that is also a qualitative research method. It is a detailed study of one or more cases in order to apply theoretical knowledge in understanding similar cases. It is precisely because of its requirement for practical application that it differs from some academic texts such as master thesis, rigorous thesis or dissertation. The case study is actually a kind of sociological analysis and is often referred to as a synonym of a monograph or monographic procedure.

The case study is a procedure widely used in a number of humanities, but sometimes science-related fields. Thus, he finds application in psychology, sociology, political science and anthropology, as well as in ecology, but also in economics and management. The case study process involves focusing on one observable object (be it a person, a group of people, a company, a geographic area) and then observing and describing all relevant aspects of its behavior or development.

The case study, in its methodology, is characterized by combining various information collection techniques.

Thus, it can be, for example, analysis of documents (historical statistics, sources), direct observation of the subject of the study or interview. When writing a case study, you can also rely on audio or visual recordings. On a general level, it is possible to say that the so-called qualification methods are more suitable for the case study than the statistical methods. The statistical methods are based on the assumption that data obtained from more smaller objects is more authoritative than the case study data, which is based on exactly the opposite principle, ie to find out as much as possible about a single object and to understand similar cases based on this observation.

Case studies

Case studies can be divided into several groups according to the types of objects observed, but also according to the method used. For the first criterion, the following types of case study can be distinguished:

Personal Case Study: This type of case study examines in detail an aspect at the individual level. Most often, these case studies appear in psychology, psychotherapy, and in sociology.

Community Studies: Community studies deal with one or more communities, the relationships between its members, but also the relationships of the community itself with its surroundings, its patterns of life, etc. Most often, this type of case study occurs in sociology, religion, anthropology, ethnology, rarely in political science.

Studying Social Groups: This type of case study focuses on researching small and closed, directly communicating groups (eg families) as well as larger diffusion groups (eg employee groups). Its aim is to describe relationships and conditions within this group. Most often it occurs again in sociology, but also in newer fields such as business management theory, etc.

Study of Organizations and Institutions: This case study examines companies, schools and other organizations as well as the implementation of programs and interventions, the culture of these organizations, and the processes of change and adaptation. At the same time, it seeks optimal behavior patterns, introducing a certain type of management, evaluation and adaptation. This study is important for management, human resources, business economics and anthropology.

Another possible criterion for the division of case studies is their methodology:

  • Intrinsic Case Study: This type of case study deals with the case solely for itself, without any connection to the more general issue
  • Instrumental Case Study: This study first focuses on a phenomenon and then examines the cases that represent this phenomenon, with the aim of this study being to better understand some of the theoretical issues.
  • Collective Case Study: This study is based on the assumption that by monitoring multiple cases, a deeper insight into the subject can be achieved. These studies usually test a working hypothesis or theory in practice.

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