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The seminar is one of the most widespread professional texts ever. The seminar is waiting for you theoretically already at the end of elementary school, then with certainty in high school and inevitably in college. Its range is rather shorter, mostly between 5 and 25 A4 pages. As it is an extremely important professional style, let’s take a closer look at its rules.

The seminar aims especially at secondary school to acquaint students with the principles of work with professional literature and independent research. First of all, it is important to point out the pivotal component of this task, which, in addition to critically categorizing secondary sources, is primarily the ability to quote citations and bibliographic data in the proper form and in accordance with the rules of citation ethics. valid citation standards on and Secondly, the seminar aims primarily to teach students to think analytically, consistently and critically. Great emphasis is also placed on adequate expression, which should correspond to the rules of professional functional style.

One of the main risks of the seminar is the committing of plagiarism, ie taking parts of foreign texts without mentioning the source. To be sure that this is not your job, upload it to the anti-plagiarism database and you have it in this regard!
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