3 Common Mistakes by High School Students in Book Report

Common Mistakes by Students in Book Report

Book reports are students’ journey to graduate. They are essential to the grades they attain. Yet, we can imagine how exhausting it can be for students. It shows that the book report is not an activity a learner can nap during the whole semester. A student has to write the report during the end semester. Besides, it has to be submitted within the stipulated deadlines. It is not an easy task, as most students would attest.

Therefore, it should not be surprising for students to make grave errors in book reports. Here are three common mistakes students tend to make when handling book reports.

  1. Lacking extensive writing experience in the subject
  2. Reading extensively but reporting entire story and lyrics
  3. Acting as if book report is a personal essay.

H2: Common Mistakes for Book Report Students

In this article, we seek to highlight some of the worst errors by students and how they can avoid them. It shows that good students are prepared to make mistakes while writing the report. Below is a roundup of the common mistakes that can deter you from crafting a stellar book report.

Lacking Experienced Writers

A book report should not be the main focus for a student. Most professors discourage this as they feel it is not a real academic task. They argue that students should follow a different approach and use their own words to speak on the topic. Some students take this approach and end up overlooking some crucial details of a book report.

Tutors should be qualified and have extensive writing experience. This allows you to be in a position to acknowledge facts while highlighting a specific section in the story. As such, the book report you craft will be the best version of what you intended to present.

Reading Extensively

Learners tend to exhaust themselves by reading the book several times. In a perfect world, they would write down all the notes they recall from the book. However, this increases the chances of making a mistake that reduces their grade. Readers fill in the blanks by recounting some information that you may have omitted. Furthermore, the student has to infer from the anecdote the major themes present in the book.

Act as if book report is a Personal Essay

Don’t try to wow your teacher by portraying your story as a unique story. You ought to emphasize on the limited input from the book. You may have written all the major characters, but you are omitting some minor roles. Do not claim that the book was full of every relevant detail. This is highly inaccurate because you did not explore the book’s background comprehensively.

Remember that the book report you submit is on behalf of the professor. As such, you need to capture every detail that the professor was interested to read. You could have written a great story with many minor characters that ended up enhancing the book report. Instead, try and explain why they deserve the high marks in the book.

Poor Format

Your format should include three columns: headers, body, and tables. In the header, it should explain the source of information, the title of the book, and author’s name. The body should comprise of the essential facts, while tables summarize the main parts of the report. Finally, it should be formatted in a way that readers can easily read and understand.

These tips will help you avoid a lot of mistakes that can reduce your grade.

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